Mental health awareness 

•decluttering your mind•

Recently I did a fun little mental health awareness project with lululemon. I’m extremely uncomfortable infront of a camera, but voluntareability is something I’m working on so I thought I would post my little blurb here. Remember: I’m here for you always, if you need someone to talk to; I’m here.


“I maybe don’t have the most conventional way of decluttering my mind. I turn to books. Weird right?! Since I was a kid I’ve always obsessed over the scene in Beauty and the Beast when the Beast shows Belle his library. Something about a library brings peace of mind to me. Something about that scene still lights me up. Typically if my mind is scrambled and I have a million things to do, no matter how important it is I’ll take off to the local book store. You’ll often find me crammed in a corner with stacks and stacks of books reading about anything from well being – poetry. There is just something about disconnecting from the world, hiding in a little book fort and escaping reality for a few hours. I typically turn off my cell phone, buy the person behind me a drink at Starbucks (still need that good karma!) and then take off to the cosiest corner in the store I can find. After a few hours my mind is always clear, I’m calm and I am able to sort out what’s most important to me and get it done. It’s like a “refresh” button on my hectic life which adds clarity and calmness. Removing myself from the clutter and focusing on something completely irrelevant to what’s going on in my life always seems to do the trick. Sometimes all you need is a moment to breathe.” #mentalheatlhawareness 

– decluttering Crooks.

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