Cool tattoos, bro.


It’s no secret I have tattoos. I wouldn’t say I’m covered but I have more than the average person. I guess that puts me in a “category”. Something I hate. Especially when it comes to dating. I always seem to have guys whom are either scared to approach me because I’m inked or don’t think they can approach me because they don’t have ink. I would say majority of guys I’ve dated MAYBE have one tattoo, if that. It’s extremely rare that I find a super tattooed guy attractive. Why may you ask? Not all tattoos are created equal. Yes I know there’s more to a person than their tattoos but I still need to look at them. If you have this weird shitty devil that’s blown and faded I’m going to cringe. I cringe even more when you show it off. Let’s call a spade a spade and just tell people it’s shitty. I’m an ink snob, I’ll be the first to admit it. I pride myself on knowing some really great artists whom I’ve received quality pieces from. Do my tattoos have flaws?! Of course they do. I’ll be the first to show them to you. No shame. However, I’m totally getting off track. There seems to be this idea in the world that people with tattoos should only be with another tattooed person. I view tattoos as art, a self expression. I don’t expect everyone to feel the same. I often get the commentary “I wanted to say hi but you’re tattooed and I’m not so I knew I didn’t stand a chance.” Wait, what?! Since when did people with tattoos get labelled such snobs?! I think I missed the memo where I’m suddenly stuck up because I sat in a chair for multiple hours on end. I’m no different than that girl with no tattoos. We all eat, breathe & talk the same. We’re humans. Stop being shy, approach that tattooed girl. Let her know you want to talk. Tattoos or not I think you’ll be surprised at the reaction you’ll get. After all, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, which I happen to firmly believe.

– that girl in the corner, Crooks.

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