New Year.

Happy new year! As promised, I will be doing the same thing I did last year. It took some time but I finally decided on my 2017 bucket list. It’s going to be a tough one this year however I feel I can really achieve it. Last year I learnt to hold myself to my work and practice integrity. This is really important to me so I tend to keep true to myself. Pretty crazy how much my 2016/2017 bucket list has changed but it just means I’m growing. I’m currently working on a few blogs as we speak so hopefully I will have more posted this week! Missed you guys! Talk soon.

Bucket list 17′:

-Go to three countries

-Watch Harry potters/Star Wars

-Go camping in the mountains

-Road trip to Alberta

-Save $20,000 for travel

-Take bestie to Las Vegas/all inclusive

-Tattoo of the mountains

-Go to a music festival

-Get fit

-Grow my record collection

-Read 100 books.

-Go to the gym/ work out 3 times a week

-Study nutrition 

-Spend more time outdoors

-Go to Seattle 

-Collect moments not things 

-Discover new craft beers

-Support local vendors

-Start a YouTube channel of adventures

-Spend one day a weekend adventuring

-Blog once a week

-Go whale watching 

-Road trip around BC

-Get BC motorcycle licence 

Yours truly,


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