the dream life

There’s something to be said about this city. Growing up in the country, never really experiencing city life. I was always visiting bigger cities like Toronto, Los Angeles, Vegas or New York but never experienced living there. Now to be fair I live on the west side of Vancouver so I’m not exactly “city living” but this city captures you. Something about it embraces you and brings you in closer. The city itself is full of self discovery, self discipline and a genuine want to be a better person. Now, with that being said; I know what you’re thinking. Yes it’s expensive, yes you need to work your ass off to live here but if it makes you the happiest you’ve ever been at what expense are you willing to give? Nothing comes free, nor cheap. Most people in their lives are just fighting to have a good day. I can look out my front door and see a city skyline, the mountains and the ocean. What more could a person want. I feel like everyone warned me about this feeling but I never understood it until I started living here. Where else can you see mountains pretty much everywhere you look? Knowing there is freedom, a place to be yourself around any corner. Who wouldn’t want that? Vancouver is like a Disney world for adults. The addiction is real and life style is amazing. I really hope you get to experience this one day. Everyone should experience life this way, even if it is for a little bit. You won’t be disappointed. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
– City Slickin’ Crooks

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