Comin’ home.


So I guess this is hello from the air. I’ve jumped. I’m writing this as I sit on a plane ride home to surprise my family. I can’t say this was overly planned. I took a chance hoped for the days off work and booked a ticket four days ago. Since I dumped my life in Ontario five months ago I figured I owed it to my family to come see them. Thanksgiving has always been a holiday that’s been important to me. My family has a tradition where we go to the same fair, eat the same food & just spend the day enjoying each other’s time. With all of us being grown up, my nephews now young adults & living our own lives I knew I couldn’t miss this holiday. We won’t have this tradition forever I understand; but there’s no reason I should bail on it just because I live across the country. Nobody in my family has ever missed this day together. It’s the one time my entire family makes it a priority to spend every thanksgiving Monday together. No ifs, ands or buts. We have always been together. I actually flew in from my honeymoon on the morning of thanksgiving Monday & still made sure I was there. My sister last year was in Ugonda doing missionary work & still managed to make this day. It feels weird to leave Vancouver. I’m oddly uneasy living the place I’ve only lived in for a short period of time. I’ve left my dogs with my two best friends whom I know will spoil them like crazy. Infat, I’m convinced they probably won’t notice me gone. Haha. I already miss them & it’s only been a couple hours. It’s crazy how somewhere can become a home so quickly in such a short period of time. I guess this weekend will be a true trial run to see where home really lies for me. My plan was to only live in Vancouver for a year, however I’m now questioning if I want to be there longer. I might even decide to move somewhere else; Alberta maybe? I love the fact that my life truly has no destination, no plan. I pick up whenever I want and just do whatever my heart desires. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so comfortable not knowing what tomorrow brings. I guess I’m just realizing that I wasn’t meant always hang around in one place. My gypsy soul has persuaded my heart to finally do/go wherever it wants.

 I made a goal to blog just a little more so this was just a quick stop by to say hello, I’m alive & once again I’m tossing fate into the wind & seeing where it takes me.
-airborne Crooks.

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