Today would’ve marked the three year anniversary of my marriage. I’m sure most people would be upset, undeniably thinking about that day & all the memories that come along with it. I’ll be blatantly honest; I’m perfectly okay with not being married. I’m not phased that I chose to marry my best friend. The marriage ended in the best possible way. I wouldn’t take back my decision if I could. We’ve both grown so much just in the last year alone, never mind the past three years. I couldn’t be happier. I’m finally feeling like I’m in my own skin again. I feel like I can breathe again & I’m free to be myself. To cut it short this is how I’m choosing to celebrate my 3 year anniversary. Blogging my feelings hoping in years to come, on this memorable date I’ll feel the same, if not better. I’ve finally moved on.
– moving on Crooks.

“We grow apart; I watch you on the red horizon. Your lion’s heart, will protect you under stormy skies.” – James Bay

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