Hey life…. What the f*ck?

I’ll be honest here, I have no idea what I’m about to write. Like most of my life, I’m just going to wing it.


Ever wonder what life has planned for you? Why certain people come into your life? Maybe someone in your life is going to change you forever. Maybe they are going to be the starting point of your career or they are intended to break your heart. It could be anyone, someone you’ve just met, someone who you’ve known forever, or even someone who you simply said hi to when you passed them in the street. I think the point I’m trying to make is that people, or really life in general can change so quickly within a short period of time. Gone are the days that you could predict having a job, a home & someone to come home to next week. We’ve built this insecurity within ourselves to constantly be on guard, aware & fighting for what we feel we deserve. What happens if we let go? Does the world crumble beneath us? Do we loose our jobs, our homes & our loved ones? At what point do you put faith in “meant to be”? Life is hard & I believe in working for everything you have. I also believe in not forcing life. I’m personally going through the life battle of not knowing where to go next. Wondering what my next step is. I’m no where near bored, my life lately has been nothing but adventure, However I am seeking purpose. I’ve always been a “go with the flow” type. I know that life has some sort of plan for me. That I will never fail at something I’m not supposed to. I am no where near religious but I do believe there is something or someone out there in the universe looking out for me paving  the path I’m meant to walk. Life is like a book with different chapters, different scenarios & tests. I live an everyday life not knowing what to expect but accepting it as it comes. I can’t expect every day to be perfect, I can’t expect not to have downfalls. I can, however expect that I will make it through another day, learn a little more wether good or bad. In trying to find purpose I’m constantly learning & teaching/building a life I was intended to lead. I’ll admit, not everyone can wake up in the morning not knowing the purpose of their day. This is a large part of my “just say yes” theory. Accepting every days challenges but knowing I’ll have a full 24 hours to make it count. When it comes to work, friends or family I guess I just have faith that if they are meant to be in my life permanently they will come along. That doesn’t mean I expect work or friends to just show up on my doorstep but I do feel by saying yes to every opportunity it will lead me to some great people or potential work opportunities. I guess some people could say I have a Wanderlust for life.

I’m going to take the chance & every opportunity I have presented in front of me to build myself, change myself & learn about who I’m becoming.

-Adulting Crooks.



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