Who are you again?

distant memory

I’ll admit, I’ve been severely distracted from life itself trying to sort out this whole move- across-the-country thing. But I will say this, it’s funny how quickly you forget about some people. Especially the ones at one point who were super important to you. You know, those people you used to talk to day in & day out & always had plans with them every single weekend. Suddenly these people are a distant memory. You forget things, maybe something like their birthday (thank you Facebook for reminding me as always!) or maybe that they exist at all. It’s funny how in a year, six months or even in a week how quickly things can change. I don’t feel like we do this purposely, someone who once meant something to you doesn’t deserve to just be shut out, but people change and grow like wild flowers. I know what you’re thinking – “duh idiot, everybody grows” but hear me out. Think back to a few months ago for example. It could’ve been a friend, a potential love interest or even a tinder match. They completely consumed your mind. You spent atleast a few hours thinking about them, wondering what they are doing or how they’ve been. A few weeks past and suddenly you forgot they existed. Why does one person consume our minds so heavily and weeks later we hardly remember they existed? Is this apart of growing up, are we naturally inclined to just let relationships (friendship or romantic) fade out? Does every relationship really need that much “work”? Of course there’s always those people I life who could quite literally fall off the face of the earth but yet once you meet up again it’s like time has never changed. Is it a compatibility thing? How to you avoid being “forgotten”? Life happens, growth happens. But how do we stay relevant in someone’s life even if we do become super busy? I’ve always been inclined to just say “hello” to peopleI miss or haven’t seen. They’re mostly weirded out because I’ve come out of completely no where. How do you say I miss talking to you without sounding totally crazy? I need some answers please. Is this really just apart of growing up?

– “Hi, I’m still here!” Crooks.

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