Subconscious selfies.


I’ve always had problems with image. Growing up I was made fun of & picked on a lot for either being too boyish, not enough make up, too much make up or simply just not being pretty. Wah wah. This isn’t a “poor me” post. My point is, when I finally started to learn to love myself I would take a picture of myself almost every morning. This, of course was way before “selfies” were a thing. I would look back on my better days and see how I felt I needed to improve myself. For the most part, this is still part of my routine. I went years lacking confidence, never felt pretty enough, never felt good enough. What most teenagers go through, but I also dealt with in my early twentys. I’ve never felt this “myself” until these most recent years.


Instagram was becoming popular, lots of food pictures, sunsets, all the instragram “staples”. Selfies suddenly became “a thing”. Majority of my personal Instagram is selfies, I’ll admit I have a selfie problem. Almost all of my selfies are the pictures I’ve taken in the morning to help boost my confidence. If something so simple as a picture can improve your day then why not? Looking back at some of my original posts I can see the girl I was, I can see how I’ve grown simply through one Instagram page. I was overweight, subconscious & terrfied of what the world thought of me. Now I’m seeing someone a little more confident, becoming who she wanted to be for a long time. 

moral of the story•

I’m writing this because I was recently accused of seeking “attention” for my selfies. I hate that. I hate that someone could be so negative about something that doesn’t even affect them. If you don’t like it? Don’t follow me. It’s simple. You never know how your criticism is going to affect others, why be negative? People trying to bring you down are already below you, don’t let them pull you down. Nobody’s confidence should be impacted by what others think of you, I guess I haven’t grown as thick of skin as I would like to. Something I need to build on. Confidence is a beautiful thing, I wish I could’ve told the younger me not to let others put you down. If all it takes is a selfie a day to make you more more confident, then fuck it, be gone with your bad self! Post that selfie! I vow to be the first one to support you in anything and everything that makes you feel confident, you can count on me.


– Confident Crooks.

P.S feel free to follow me on Instagram: Brookelynncrooks  I want to see those selfies!


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