Letting go.

•growing up & growing old•

Why is it that some of the most important people in your life you’re forced to let go? Multiple reasons of course, they pass, they present negative energy or the relationship has just plain old ran its course. Are we supposed to have “part time” friends? Are we doing something wrong where they choose to walk away? Why is it that sometimes, when you get close to someone they back off? Turn their back. When somethings getting good you should embrace it, not run from it. Never knowing why, maybe a few pathetic excuses here and there. You don’t deserve the cold shoulder. If we all want to be treated like adults, why don’t we treat each other like adults? The respect level these days has gone down so dramatically it’s almost embarrassing to associate yourself as a human being. I’ve always been against wasting my time, if I don’t want to see you or speak to you, you’re going to know it. I just wish everyone felt the same. This I would think, should be a staple in humanity.  

•the good always die young•

Obviously if someone passes this is a totally different story, we always loose the best people in our lives. Sure, sometimes they visit us in our dreams & will forever live in our memories, but why are the good people the ones we always loose? Loosing our role models & people close to us just seem like a deep punishment for something we’ve never deserved. This, my friends, is total bullshit that I will never ever understand.

you’re either a blessing or a lesson”

Part of having a relationship with someone wether romantic or not is getting to learn who they truly are. Some people are just not meant to be together. The negative energy with lack of communication is just a recipe for disaster. How can we as adults grow out of this? Avoid part time relationships & spend our hard earned energy on the people who matter? If you sit back & think about  your most recent “lesson” would you do it again? Was it worth whatever it put you through? If you’re trying to pretend you haven’t been in this situation before, stop it. You’re lying to yourself. Every single one of has have learnt from someone who was only temporarily in our lives. Most of the time we learn what we don’t want to associate ourselves with, we learn that some people out there really are what our parents warned us about. Terrifying. But hey! Atleast you got a life lesson out of them.

the time wasters•

 Then there are “these people” the type that have no respect for your time, the casual small talk, the “we NEED to hang out ASAP”. The people who come in your life to redirect where you thought you were going. One day they are your entire world & a few weeks later they are a total stranger. Sadly, these are the people who rather take the coward way out & just never speak to you again, or even worse, talk to you a few weeks later like nothing happened. Pet peeve.

 I guess this is part of growing up & growing old.


Ranting Crooks.   

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