Where the fuck am I going?

seriously, what’s next?•

Soooo good news, I SOLD MY HOUSE! Bad news, I have no idea where the fuck I’m going. I’ve been so focused on getting this house ready & getting it on the market that I’ve completely forgotten about myself. What’s that you say?…Oh right, thank you for reminding me. 12 month plan… Well, house is now sold so I’m 100% going on a trip (maybe 2 .. Or 3?) to explore a ton of culture, as much culture as I can possibly soak in. A trip for me to clear my head, live the life of others & actually explore this beautiful planet we live on. Except one problem, when I get home from this trip… Where exactly is home? For months I’ve gone back and forth about where I want to move, do I rent? Do I buy? I’m quite literally the definition of a first world problem. I have the money, the opportunity to start new yet I have no idea where I’m going. Most people would kill for this opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely grateful and blessed for where I am in life. However, At the same time though, I’ve never felt so lost. I finally have the freedom I’ve wanted for so many years, no assets (okay well a few, but they all have fuzzy feet & fur babies don’t count) I have no schedule, I quite literally get to start new. For once in my life there’s no where I need to be. I have no time line, nobody I need to check in with. I almost feel like a little kid high on ice cream & running around in circles, having no where to go. There’s no plan, no destination but I refuse to sit still. So where to next? I would love to walk on every inch of land this world has to offer before making my decision. Unfortunately though, it sounds kind’ve lonely & frankly I’m asthmatic so I would run out of breathe in a few hours. Haha. Right now, atleast today, I have no game plan. My current goal is to jam pack my days full of adventure & new experiences. I refuse to live the life I’ve been living if don’t have to. I will say however, I will be taking some small weekend trips to sort out where to live next. I’ve definitely got some friends in some great places that I wouldn’t mind calling home. So for now, my daily plan is to meet as many people as I can, network like crazy & focus on growing into a better person than I am. Ask me my goals in a week, maybe I’ll have a better idea then.

– Indecisive Crooks.


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