Wait…. What?

•yes, I’m best friends with my ex husband•

Let’s begin with this, I truly believe you can be friends with an ex. Once the romance is over, it’s over. Why not be friends with someone you were once close with? You’re at the point that your relationship has run its path, what’s in the past is in the past. Obviously if it was an abusive relationship, bad chemistry or anything extremely negative you’re not going to want to keep them around. But let’s be realistic, if you can remain friends why not? At this point you’re probably thinking I’m crazy, like I have 4 heads. Typical response. My ex husband and I have the mutual respect for each other that we knew when to call it quits. When everything stopped adding up romantically & we still wanted to stay close as friends. The smart way to divorce. Now, of course dating is slightly tricky. Explaining that you’re best friends with your ex husband usually makes guys run for the hills. I’m at the point in my life that if you can’t accept my ex and I being close then we could never be together anyways. I truly lucked out with my ex. We have the perfect makings for a friendship, and a horrible concoction for romance. Maybe even oil & water if you will. This doesn’t mean I need to disrespect him, dislike him or hope he’s not happy. I’m always going have a soft spot for him in my heart & wishes whatever he does next in life makes him truly happy. He’s a great guy, he deserves happiness. I guess the odd looks I receive when we say “oh no, we aren’t dating, we’re actually divorcing” are never going to end. But I will happily & openly discuss being best friends with my husband because I mean, why not? People should be more openly accepting of others & not purposely holding onto negative feelings for something that’s in the past. Love doesn’t have to end because a marriage did. A great friendship just grows.

– Divorcing Crooks

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