Passing strangers.

let’s call him Cole

I very strongly believe in “everything happens for a reason”. My inspiration for this post comes from someone I’ve met recently. I was in a situation where I wasn’t wanting to be open minded, free willed or socialable. I wanted to stay at home, read a book & snuggle up. However, I made a promise to change my life style & forced myself out the door. Now, I believe timing is everything. There’s a set time and place where you’re bound to meet someone. I just so happened to get along with Cole really well. We chatted for a couple hours getting to know the basics of each other & our life styles. He couldn’t possibly have a more opposite life from myself. I found it fascinating. We’ve had many life experiences which were the same, yet different outcomes. Talking further with him I sort’ve picked his brain in a non-chalant way. Going back to my other posts explaining I had a 12 month plan & my future goals which I feel I’m working hard to achieve. Instead of looking at me like I have 2 heads, he agreed. He knew exactly what I was talking about/wanting to put myself through. A large portion of our goals were even the same. Almost like he was inside this hectic head of mine. Long story short I was amazed that I wasn’t alone in what I’m going through. Without getting too personal it was nice to know that someone in the exact same situation as myself could also relate. I guess forcing myself out the door that day was worth it. It reminded me (here we go, life lessons again!) that everyone has a story. So get outside and talk to strangers, stop someone in the street, even compliment a total random walking by. You never know who you’re going to run into. I was fortunate to meet Cole. He came into my life for a reason & I could of potentially of formed a great friendship if nothing else someone who understands & knows what I’m going through. Remember: everything happens for a reason. I can’t say I know exactly why Cole came into my life. Wether it was to teach me a lesson, open my eyes to something new or to just flat out make a new friend. Sometimes you just have to shove yourself out of that front door and face the demons you so desperately want to hide from. It’ll be worth it I swear.




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