To the left, to the left…

TINDER – the place where you give you left thumb quite the work out.

So, a few months back I got sucked into the Tinder universe. Not having a clue what I’d find I figured I would give it a try. Granted, I don’t really have any “horror” stories. It felt like a constant thumb cramp of swiping left. Can you break your thumb from swiping? I feel like it got close a few times. A few typical guys being creeps, people I actually reconnected with and then there’s the guys who were just in town for the weekend and actually live across the country. WHY MUST ALL THE BABES LIVE OUT WEST? I’m starting to think I joined tinder not to start a relationship but for my true calling to be out west. I’m thankful to already have some friends out there, some people I would love to reconnect with. I’m in the debate now of what’s stopping me? Soon I won’t have any assets to tie me down. So here’s my question to you. Would you do the responsible thing and visit out there a few times, see if it’s your true calling? Would you jump with two feet and hope for a newer, better life? Or would you continue to build your life here and always wonder what could be out there. Sure, grass is always greener. But I’m starting to think maybe this is all happening for a reason. I wish life would just sometimes give you the “green light” to the right answer. Maybe at the very least a little shove? (I mean more then sending me some babely tinder matches from the western area of Canada)
Needless to say, I’ve finally deleted Tinder (not my entire profile, don’t be silly. Just the app. I need an ego boost sometimes) but what I’m taking from Tinder isn’t AIDS, Crabs or something to forever remind me of the guy who ate his own skin. (True story, but I’ll save that for a later date) but maybe that there’s something bigger than this life that I have yet to experience. Besides all the babes out west of course. For now, I guess I’ll just hang tight where I am, no promises where I’ll be in the next few months however. Until then…. HI BABELY OUT WEST TINDER DUDES πŸ™‹πŸΌπŸ™‹πŸΌ



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