So this is blogging…..

So, here we go… First post. It’s safe to say I’ve read my fair share of blogs. I’ve always appreciated them, enjoyed them & quite honestly spent meaningless hours learning about people I’ve never met. This for whatever reason never dawned on me to write my own. Until now. My life has been quite the roller coaster. Well, atleast in the last few years. From getting married, being secretly seperated & eventually everything falling apart inbetween. Life’s crazy, unpredictable, but I wouldn’t change my experiences for the world. So here I am, starting a new chapter in my life. I’m “making 2016 mine”. I thought I would post up some of my 2016 goals, see what I’ve achieved over the next year. Boy this should be interesting: 


– get into school

– brand myself

– sell house

– pay off credit

– save,save,save

– travel!

– get dream body

-don’t give up

-let it go (anything and everything negative)

-get into aroma therapy

– smart serve certification 

– get cultured!

– put down the cell phone

– go out and meet tons of people

– go out west constantly 

– get motorcycle license 

-see the northern lights

– tattoo thigh, finish arm & start left arm

– watch all of the Harry potters/twilights (yes seriously, I’ve never seen them before)

– go camping

– go to Nashville 

•Just to list a few•
This is the beginning of a new chapter, new me. Won’t you join me?



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